Summer linen



Summer linen


At Nomen Nescio we prefer using linen in our seasonal summer collection due to its many fantastic features. Linen is long lasting, very comfortable and a healthy material. 

Textiles made of flax are known as linen. Flax is considered the oldest textile plant used by humans. It is the strongest material among the natural fibers, two or three times stronger than cotton. Linen can take lot of washing in low temperatures, it gets smoother and more comfortable in use. However we do not recommend machine wash after every usage, because the smooth surface of the linen repels dirt by nature. It is easy to clean by hand and air out instead. Linen ages beautifully and it is characteristic to linen to get wrinkled by age. 

Linen has temperature regulating properties which makes it very comfortable during summer. Thanks to its’ good thermal conductivity, linen feels cool in the heat and warm in the evening chill. Linen is dry to touch, it can absorb up to 20 times its weight in moisture before it feels damp.

The anti-allergenic and antibacterial property of linen is very important as the clothes are in direct contact with our skin. Linen feels good on skin and it is safe to use in case of various allergies such as extremely dry or sensitive skin.

Our linen fabrics come from selected factories from Italy and Portugal. 

We produce all our garments is Estonia.