101 Winter Coat & 102 Parka Coat

101 Winter Coat & 102 Parka Coat 101 Winter Coat & 102 Parka Coat
The Newest Version of the Oldest Classics

The 101 Winter Coat and 102 Parka Coat have been part of the Nomen Nescio collection since the very first collection. For every season, we have enhanced the models; updated fabrics, zippers, lining, or wadding… But the core of the coats has remained the same, the recognizable minimalistic cut.

For this season, we made the biggest update so far. Instead of inseparable wadding, we added a quilted inner coat that can be removed with a zipper.

The outer coat is made of recycled cotton by Ventile (ECO 250 RCO, 250g/m²), it is water and wind-proof, light yet protective. The quilted inner coat is also made of recycled material and is breathable and light, yet warming. Together they block the coldest winds of winter, and separately they meet the changing weather conditions of the rest of the year. If you would like to cope with the whole year with just one coat, this is your choice.

101 Winter Coat 3-in-1

102 Parka Coat 3-in-1