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The most important thing about sustainability of clothing is not to choose organic or recycled materials; it is to change how people think about and use clothes. We should consider what we need and take good care of the pieces we have. When you have only your favourite garments in your wardrobe instead of multiple pretty options, the closet is much more functional and omnipotent, and you can wear your most loved clothes daily.

That is why we at Nomen Nescio have chosen permanent styles, not fast-changing trends. We want to make clothes that will be in heavy use for many years to come – cornerstones of the wardrobe: a t-shirt you choose every time you wear a t-shirt, wool pants you want to live in during the colder days. We have concluded that black is the most usable and suitable for all occasions. That is why all Nomen Nescio pieces are always black.

On top of that, it is obvious that sustainability also means choosing the ecological fabrics and local responsible production. 


Nomen Nescio is a Helsinki based design studio focused on minimalistic aesthetics and values. Our aim is to create timeless, thoughtful and long-lasting design. Nomen Nescio was founded in 2012 with core values of being kind, honest and respectful towards people, environment and the nature we live in. Once these moral decisions where made, the path of how we do business became clear. At Nomen Nescio we think sustainability is a commitment that we do to ourselves and to the society we live in.

Nomen Nescio collection is an evolving composition of minimalistic everyday clothing. Collection is seasonless, based on permanent modern classics, accompanied with regularly released highlights. All the released collections are in seamless continuity and easily combined. With highlights we experiment new fabrics and models, while classics are visualizing the ground of Nomen Nescio style.

All our collections and garments are black. Rich in different shades, structures and surfaces. For us black is humble, confident and honest. Pieces are strong in character, easy to combine and long lasting. Black color allows the development of a compact minimalistic wardrobe. Black garments do not need to be washed so often as brighter ones, that makes the garment last longer and minimizes the burden towards nature.

All the patterns and garments are carefully formed in our design studio followed by fitting with many different people. This way of working has created Nomen Nescio a certain own look. Our clothes comes in sizing from XXS to XXXL. Pieces have no external, internal or applied elements to point out any specific sex, age or status. Equality and democracy are important values we believe in and which we implement in the garments. Kindness comes from acts.

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Nomen Nescio was founded to create timeless products by using long lasting quality materials and to work responsibly, both socially and ecologically. And we still live by this purpose.

Sustainability means actions. It’s not enough to just have great values that guide the work, but it requires being honest of the state things are in today, and it means setting goals to do things better. We want to share the information and keep up an open conversation.

Nomen Nescio sustainability principles:

1. Minimalism as a value
2. Sustainable Materials
3. Transparent Supply Chain
4. Circular Economy
5. Responsible Shopping

Minimalism as a value

Our aim is to create timeless, thoughtful and long-lasting design. Our design philosophy is to create based on need, to strive for thoughtful design by pruning the unnecessary and highlighting the relevant. Nomen Nescio collection is an evolving composition of minimalistic everyday clothing. Some of our classic designs have been in the collection since the beginning, and we are constantly developing them in quality, form and function. For Nomen Nescio, minimalistic values are the key for sustainable consumption and lifestyle.

Sustainable materials

In Nomen Nescio collections we use premium quality natural/organic/recycled/innovative and/or certified materials, such as linen, tencel, hemp, mulesing free wool, recycled wool, recycled polyester, ecovero viscose, recycled cotton or organic cotton. All our material suppliers have committed to REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals in EU) regulation.

We choose our materials carefully and consider functionality, quality, ecological and ethical as well as aesthetic viewpoints in sourcing. Important values are also materials feeling good on skin, their easy maintenance and that the material is meant to last for years in heavy use and age beautifully. Our goal is to find the best possible material for each product and its functions.

You can find materials and suppliers of each piece on their own page on section "materials and production"

More info about materials and suppliers in Sustainability Review 2023

Transparent supply chain

96% of Nomen Nescio garments have been ethically manufactured in Estonia, less than 100 km away from our design studio. We have worked together with most of our manufacturing partners for years and we visit the sites regularly. We value and aim for long-term relationships with all of our suppliers and collaborators.

Our goal is to deepen the traceability of all materials used all the way from field to factory.

See the full list and information about suppliers and manufacturers from here

Circular economy

When you buy a new Nomen Nescio item, we actively help you find the best style and fit and give you advice on how to care for it so that it serves you in the best possible way for as long as possible.

If you need customization, we can offer the service in-house. It also applies to items that need repair or seasonal care. Our one-year guarantee covers repair for pieces that have suffered damage despite proper use and care. We also mend older Nomen Nescio clothing for a reasonable fee.

In Nomen Nescio store we have a selection of sustainable care products available that are tested to work well with Nomen Nescio garments. We provide our own product-specified garment care guide with important information and handy tips.

To recycle clean Nomen Nescio clothes that are still in good shape you can bring them to our store in Mikonkatu 2. We will then evaluate them and compensate accordingly with a fixed sum on a gift card that you can use on normal-priced items within one year.

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Responsible shopping

All store and online store packaging materials are made from renewable raw materials and can be recycled.

cardboard boxes for online orders and gift wrapping: 100% renewable paper, recycle as cardboard, made by Paperilla Oy or Pa-Hu Oy
paper bags in store: 100% renewable paper, recycle as paper, made by Paperilla Oy
silk paper for wrapping the garments: 100% renewable paper, recycle as energy waste, made by Paperilla Oy

For shipping we use DHL ”go green” or Posti Finland carbon neutral transport.

All returnings from online store will be inspected and returned for sale.

Nomen Nescio doesn’t have overstock that would be wasted; permanent collection and non-seasonal color choice keep the garments relevant until sold out.