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Nomen Nescio is a Helsinki-based design studio focused on minimalist aesthetics and values.

The collection is an evolving composition of seasonless, gender-neutral black clothing. Pieces have no external, internal, or applied elements indicating any specific sex, age, or status.

It is about thoughtful design, highlighting the relevant to create an effortless, meaningful wardrobe. The collection is made of sustainable premium materials, manufactured with responsible producers in Europe.

Nomen Nescio's way of thinking starts and ends in the same place: in freedom, joy, and peace.


The most important thing about sustainability of clothing is not to choose organic or recycled materials; it is to change how people think about and use clothes. We should consider what we need and take good care of the pieces we have. When you have only your favourite garments in your wardrobe instead of multiple pretty options, the closet is much more functional and omnipotent, and you can wear your most loved clothes daily.

That is why we at Nomen Nescio have chosen permanent styles, not fast-changing trends. We want to make clothes that will be in heavy use for many years to come – cornerstones of the wardrobe: a t-shirt you choose every time you wear a t-shirt, wool pants you want to live in during the colder days. We have concluded that black is the most usable and suitable for all occasions. That is why all Nomen Nescio pieces are always black.

On top of that, it is obvious that sustainability also means choosing the ecological fabrics and local responsible production. 

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Nomen Nescio is a Helsinki based design studio focused on minimalistic aesthetics and values. Our aim is to create timeless, thoughtful and long-lasting design. Nomen Nescio was founded in 2012 with core values of being kind, honest and respectful towards people, environment and the nature we live in. Once these moral decisions where made, the path of how we do business became clear. At Nomen Nescio we think sustainability is a commitment that we do to ourselves and to the society we live in.

Nomen Nescio collection is an evolving composition of minimalistic everyday clothing. Collection is seasonless, based on permanent modern classics, accompanied with regularly released highlights. All the released collections are in seamless continuity and easily combined. With highlights we experiment new fabrics and models, while classics are visualizing the ground of Nomen Nescio style.