132 Worker Coat

132 Worker Coat 132 Worker Coat

Nomen Nescio Worker Coat is made of Ventile ECO 400 RCO (400g/m2), a fabric that was originally engineered for Royal Air Force pilots during the Second World War. This material kept the pilots cool and comfortable in the cockpit, but dry and warm if they came in contact with water and enhanced their survival rate significantly. Later on, it was also used for the first summit of Mount Everest and a crossing of the Arctic. Ventile is the very first high-performance fabric made entirely of cotton.

Cotton fiber is hard to surpass as a clothing material, but one cannot deny that its cultivation has many negative impacts on the environment. By using recycled cotton, in this case, pre-consumer waste like cutting waste, these impacts can be reduced significantly. To keep materials in use as long as possible with as high value as possible is a far better option than for them to end up in landfills or to be burned for energy.

132 Worker Coat itself is a timeless piece that reduces the need to renew your coat every few years, but it will serve and protect you far into the future. It can be styled in various ways, worn with layers in multiple weather conditions and it only grows character over time and uses. Functional details ensure you have space for all your personal belongings and that your hands are free for more important actions.

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