630 Leather Backpack

630 Leather Backpack 630 Leather Backpack

630 Leather Backpack

We have been in a process of creating an optimal bag for a long time and now we are happy to introduce to you our new backpack.

630 leather backpack is minimalistic yet multi-functional everyday bag. Easy-to-modify carrying strap allows the bag to be used as a backpack, shoulder bag or a briefcase. Bag has a big inner pocket for a laptop and other goods, closure is made reliable with a sturdy YKK zipper.
Bag is made of Italian vegetable tanned thick quality leather, that is byproduct from meat industry. Vegetable tanning process is a traditional craftsmanship technique that makes a distinct appearance to leather and developes a beautiful patina in usage. The process of tanning is made with organic materials like barks and leaves, that gives a deep rich color, fine shades and crafty unique look to every final product. Leather finish is semi matte and the color is deep natural black. Vegetable tanned leather lasts much longer than other way processed leathers and it is environmental friendly.

Measures height 53cm, width 33cm, depth 11,5 cm. 
Bag is produced at Suomen Käsityöteollisuuden Oy in Forssa, Finland. 

630 leather backpack