Finn Fashion Friday 17.–19.11.

Finn Fashion Friday 17.–19.11. Finn Fashion Friday 17.–19.11.
Nomen Nescio joins forces with 30 other Finnish brands to organize Finn Fashion Friday on November 17-19.

Finn Fashion Friday Campaign celebrates the sustainability and strength of Finnish brands! The past year has been challenging for Finnish fashion and lifestyle brands, but when times are tough, it’s easy to shine.

During the campaign, brands offer inviting benefits and promotions to customers that encourage responsible choices. Our criteria for sustainability include Finnish design, traceable production, ecological practices, and quality.

The campaign starts on Friday, November 17, at 00:00 and continues until Sunday, November 19, at 23:59. During the campaign, we offer a discount of 30% - 50% on selected items from the autumn/winter collection. The offer is valid both online and at our Mikonkatu store, where the selection of campaign products is slightly wider.

Warmly welcome!