Nomen Nescio × Glasshouse Helsinki

Nomen Nescio × Glasshouse Helsinki Nomen Nescio × Glasshouse Helsinki

Glasshouse Helsinki is a new innovative, future orientated concept store in heart of Helsinki at Aleksanterinkatu 13. Glasshouse Helsinki has set out to create a unique centrally located meeting place, which makes sustainable consumption, circular economy and local, responsible production and lifestyle easily accessible to all.

”Here at Glasshouse Helsinki we are interested in bringing the latest industrial innovations and scientific perspectives to the general public, generating genuine dialogue and enterprise at all levels. We want to introduce sustainability to people’s everyday lives and the very core of their thinking. After these long months with the coronavirus, we must build hope for the future. It’s time for concrete action,” Mirkku Kullberg, the CEO of Glasshouse Helsinki ponders.

We share a lot of similar values and hopes at Nomen Nescio and got inspired by Mirkku and new collective Glasshouse Helsinki energy. To embrace that we have created a limited edition collection to celebrate the friendship with Nomen Nescio and Glasshouse Helsinki. The collection is following the minimalistic forms of Nomen Nescio and as a gesture of hope the whole collection is white. Nomen Nescio x Glasshouse Helsinki white collection is out now and being sold only in Glasshouse Helsinki store and online.

You will also find a curated collection of Nomen Nescio classics in Glasshouse Helsinki selection.

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Glasshouse Helsinki
Aleksanterinkatu 13, 00100 Helsinki
Mon - Fri 11am - 7pm
Sat 11am - 6pm
Sun 12pm - 4pm 

120 Worker Jacket
Versatile cotton jacket with multiple pockets for all your belongings.
100% Organic Cotton

119 Belted Robe
Versatile belted robe made of heavy linen fabric.
100% Linen 

207 Loose Pants
Comfortable, easy-going loose fit pants for everyday use.
100% Linen

213 Cropped Trousers
Relaxed fit trousers for everyday use.
100% Organic Cotton 

421 Worker Blouse
Minimalistic button up shirt with multiple pockets for your tools and stuff.
100% Organic Cotton