Weatherproof organic cotton coats

Weatherproof organic cotton coats Weatherproof organic cotton coats
In today’s world it is convenient to have outerwear that works for changing and various weather conditions. Weatherproof cotton we use is vigorous, enduring and versatile material that blocks the wind and repels humidity while being breathable. It is also organically cultivated to diminish the environmental aspects such as water consumption, CO2 footprint and use of harmful chemicals.

154 Loose Parka Coat
A classic multi-functional coat for various conditions that has large pockets for all your belongings. Spacious fit enables layering to meet all 4 seasons.

110B Robe Coat
A prestigious and versatile coat that can be worn on top of anything. Includes a multifunctional belt that works also as suspenders to hang the coat at the back.

Both of these and much more in our Mikonkatu store as well as online, welcome!