Why black?

Why black? Why black?

All our garments are always black. Rich in different shades, structures and surfaces. For us black is humble, confident and honest. A great, genuine background for the wearer. Black is easy to combine with and therefore allows the development of a compact minimalist wardrobe.

We are aware that black is not the most ecological of colours as it requires a lot of dye and multiple treatments to reach the deepness of the tone. But at the same time we source fabrics only from European manufacturers that are required to follow European REACH regulations to improve the protection of human health and the environment. In production waste is avoided with a permanent colour choice. Dirt does not show on dark colour easily and therefore less environmentally burdening washes are needed. Airing, steaming and brushing are often enough to make a black piece of clothing look as good as new and at the same time they prevent the colour from fading prematurely.

Black is a respectful choice for all occasions. It is a colour of safety, own private space and protection. At the same time it can be empowering and frees the user to concentrate in the important things in life. With black clothing it is all about the person, not the clothes. Black is timeless, equal and democratic and it can be worn throughout life.